Omnichannel HCP engagement. Powered by intelligence.

A-Inside brings HCP Engagement & Journey Analytics right into your CRM. Ensuring each engagement consists of the right message, medium & timing.


Meet A-Inside

A-Inside helps you make sense of your siloed customer data by visualizing individual customer journeys and providing you with actionable insights. This way you spend more time on meaningful customer engagement and less time on data crunching.

Understand individual omnichannel journeys visually

Individual journey visualizations help you uncover the true customer experience. Better understand to better relate to each individual HCP.

Think and act multiple steps ahead with AI powered suggestions

Get actionable predictive insights delivered in your daily workflow to increase the engagement of each individual customer and eliminate the need for manual analysis of scattered customer data sources.

Assess your omnichannel performance against best-in-class benchmarks

Understand your overall omnichannel performance, and identify areas for improvement: for a certain HCP in specific or for your full customer portfolio.

Measure the impact of your actions on the journey stage evolution of HCPs

Quantify how engaged HCPs are over time, measure the impact of AI-powered marketing strategies and outreach tactics to understand how you can better connect with your audience.

Micro-target campaigns based on individual HCP behavior

Discover the evolution over engagement stages for each individual customer, and combine their individual journeys to find new segments in your target audience. Let the most relevant segments inspire your campaign optimizations.

Ground the AI in business reality

Reality is hard to model. Use our tool to let the AI know your business context. Through uniform message categorization, and by adding channel specific information the AI will come up with powerful recommendations that are not only great in theory, but are bound to make an impact in real life.

Seamless integration with your CRM

Ensure seamless end-to-end integration success through tailored support. A-Inside is furthermore lightweight for your IT Ops thanks to our native API-integrations.

Secure is the default.

SSL-only API security
SSL-only API security
Granular access rights
Granular access rights
SSL-only API security
SSL-only API security
SSL-only API security
SSL-only API security

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