February 1, 2022

Welcome on board, Sarah! A next step in our company growth

Over the last year, we've been growing our headcount from 3 to 15. Interesting times, interesting challenges! As the team grows, it is important to shape the right structure. Clarity on roles and responsibilities is a key recipe for success.

Previously at KWARTS ...

Mid 2020 Bart decided to quit KWARTS' reliance on consultancy man days and build a scalable "HCP Engagement Platform" instead, together with Maarten and Mohamed. First proofs-of-concept elaborated together with Hasselt University were promising, but the structure around the company was not strong enough to survive. As a result, it was difficult to install the necessary focus.

Beginning of 2021, Ruben joined as co-founder and Commercial Director. With his insights and industry track record, we could better fit our solution to the needs of Pharma, Biotech and Medtech companies. Together with Bart, who took up the role of Product Director, KWARTS attracted a couple of mature investors. Finally, we could install the right focus.

Shortly afterwards, Quamber joined as Tech Director, shaping our development team further. Under his surveillance, we could launch A-Inside in September 2021.

The next step for growth !

While the first users are really positive about A-Inside, a major concern is their own Data Quality. Strong predictions are at the center of our value proposition, also in a context of low data quality. To further strengthen our capabilities in data science and AI, our company's backbone, we recently welcomed Sarah ElShal as Data Science Director. Sarah carries an MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Bioinformatics. She came in from UCB where she has been leading Patient Safety and Artificial Intelligence initiatives in the IT Department over the past 5 years.

At KWARTS, she will lead the Data Science & AI team, shaping our analytics roadmap and guarantee the internal alignment between the different initiatives.

We thought it would be the right time to ask Sarah a few questions on her new challenge...

Why did you join KWARTS?

I joined KWARTS because I got excited about the team and their vision in a very short time. Developing cool things that make a difference in people’s lives aligns very nicely with my personal values and objectives 😊

Which experiences from the life industry do you think will be particularly useful in a start-up environment?

Fast, smart, and simple. I believe these are key pillars to successful business that could grow nicely in a start-up environment.

As a data scientist, how will you approach the business questions KWARTS is trying to solve?

I believe in the power of data and how it is today changing the way we are living. I will make sure we leverage the best data science to deliver the right engagement strategy to the right client at the right time.

A customer data platform that is smart, intuitive and useful, what does that mean for you? And why does the life sciences industry need this now?

It means I am boarding the right train to success! The world is changing fast around us, and we need to be smart in how we engage with our customers and provide them with meaningful interactions. Let’s make sure we simplify our lives and focus on things that do matter.

How do you see the role of data science in life sciences evolve in the future?  

Data is everywhere, especially in today’s digital world where we are increasingly adopting covid-breakthrough solutions like telemedicine apps or FDA-approved medical devices. I believe data science is fuelling our future towards the impossible which we just need to think beyond.

Good luck Sarah! We look forward to working with you! ;-)