A few weeks ago, KWARTS was invited by Vlerick Business School to give a guest lecture on how to operationalize engagement data for marketing purposes. We explained our data activation methods on customer behavior data (clicks, opens, purchases, reactions to sales pitches, etc.) to answer the million-dollar question in sales & marketing:

Who should I target next, with which message and via which channel?

We then promoted our students to interim brand managers and put them to work in a marketing exercise, making them have first-hand experience with our data solutions. It is fantastic to see how different people bridge data and strategy. Makes you wonder about how marketing and sales will look like in 10 years time!

Vlerick Master Class by KWARTS - first slide

Vlerick Master Class by KWARTS

Vlerick Master Class by KWARTS - group work

Vlerick Master Class by KWARTS - group read

Vlerick Master Class by KWARTS - group picture


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