Data-driven marketing: feet in the sand, on a mud trail to success!

Agile Marketing: the new buzzword these days. What does it take? How can you as a business owner or marketing manager alter your commercial approach for a faster and more effective go-to-market? 

Growth Hacking as Chemistry

At KWARTS® we believe marketing efforts should be focused on maximizing the fit between your company’s core technology, product or service, and your market’s needs. It is our vision on ‘growth hacking’. This can only be done via early stage validation with your customers. When this market fit is optimal, fewer marcom actions are needed to ‘bind’ your target audience to your solution. It is to be compared with a spontaneous reaction in chemistry: when your ‘target audience’ molecule is receptive to your ‘offering’ molecule, you will need less catalysts to bind them together (triggering new acquisitions), and they will stick better in the long run (keeping your churn level under control). To make this growth hacking possible, you need ‘marketing engineers’ who identify key insights to define the perfect set-up for this chemical reaction. This isn’t an easy game to play, but it’s extremely rewarding if you manage well.

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