Engagement marketing

Your customers reveal a lot of information: making a purchase, or just not making it, registering, 'liking' your Facebook post, giving an opinion via Twitter, etc. What can you do with it? What do you do with it?




You give us a briefing on your marketing priorities and access to your data. We scan it and indicate where the potential lies. We discuss in a workshop whether a use case is opportune, or rather a focused data action plan.

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Use Case

Use Case

You want to set up a concrete data-driven marketing action. We connect to the necessary data, and apply tailored algorithms. After testing & positive evaluation you can get down to action.

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You want to automate data-driven marketing actions or follow up on how your "customer engagement" evolves? We guide you to a suitable solution: from simple dashboards, to marketing automation or AI tools.

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  • Feet on the ground

    Start small & think big: as 'Proof-of-Concept', we scan your data for hidden potential. Found something? Then we dig deeper. Found nothing? Then we challenge you with a data action plan.

  • Adaptive power

    A first idea tends to be vague. Our experience learns us that ideas become more concrete further down in a project. That's why we work in sprints. Via progressive insights we adjust.

  • Expertise

    You know your business, at least that's what we assume. We understand quickly what is important for you, and via our unique blend of marketing & data profiles we help you to gear up faster.

Our values

"A data driven marketing culture celebrates bite-sized, controlled risk-taking, follow-up analysis & rapid iteration."

Forbes, 2016

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