Build more relevant interactions with healthcare professionals.

Create a better view on customer profiles and communication preferences. Then act in a tailored way towards each individual customer (HCP), across all your teams.


A 360° customer view. Right from where you work today

Provide your field teams with a 360° view of their HCP’s omnichannel engagement so they can learn from it and build customer-centric relations across channels and bring in results.

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For field teams

Obtain smart customer engagement insights. Delivered in your daily workflow

Smart HCP engagement insights delivered in the systems you are already familiar with, so you don't need to change your work routine in order to increase engagement with your customers.  


For sales management

Transform your entire team into high performers

Leverage the knowledge & skills of your top performers by automatically mining their engagement patterns and serving them to your entire team.


For corporate IT

Maximize impact from existing data investments with our powerful platform

A-Inside taps into all your data assets and uses advanced AI algorithms to make sense of it. Discover our technology and learn how we can connect to your siloed data and transform the way you do customer engagement.

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